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Welcome to the world of Kangen Water, where hydration meets innovation. Our advanced systems are meticulously designed to transform ordinary tap water into a powerful, antioxidant-rich, and ionized drinking water that transcends conventional hydration.

Our mission?

Discover the Elixir of Wellness: Our Kangen Journey

Ever found yourself wishing for a regret rewind button? Well, mine would be not tapping into the magic of the Right Water sooner. Sounds odd, doesn't it? Picture this: constant fatigue, health hiccups for the folks at home, and a maze of ineffective remedies. Until, that is, Kangen Water walked into our lives like a wellness wizard.

Now, if you had to pick between popping pills or sipping on revitalizing alkaline water, what would you choose? The answer's clear for us—it's all about that Kangen hydration!

We're not just in the business of water, we're in the business of transforming lives. Imagine a world where your water isn't just a thirst quencher but a health hero. That's the Kangen Promise.

Our mission? To make Kangen water your hydration sidekick, banishing health worries and inviting vitality in. Choose more than water, choose a worry-free, well-hydrated life. Because when it comes to H2O, Kangen is not just water—it's The Secret to a Life Well-Lived.

Embark on a journey with us—where each drop tells a tale of health, happiness, and the Kangen difference.

Welcome to a Hydration Revolution!

What Is Kangen Water?

Enagic, a Japanese company founded in 1974, crafts Kangen Water via electrolysis, resulting in alkaline, antioxidant-infused, and micro-clustered water, distinguishing it for exceptional health benefits.

kangen micro-clustering

Micro-clustering refers to the process of breaking water molecules into smaller clusters, enhancing hydration and absorption efficiency.

kangen anti-oxidation

Antioxidation shields cells by neutralizing free radicals, reducing oxidative stress, and safeguarding against potential cellular damage and premature aging.

kangen alkalization

Alkalization involves raising the pH level in the body, promoting balance and reducing acidity, potentially aiding overall health and wellness.

kangen anti-aging

Kangen Water is suggested to contribute to anti-aging effects by promoting hydration and overall well-being for a youthful appearance & and vitality.

kangen detoxification

Kangen Water purportedly detoxify by alkalizing cells, boosting hydration, aiding organ function, and enhancing toxin elimination via improved kidney performance.

kangen anti-cancer-measures
Anti-Cancer Measures

Kangen Water's potential properties are speculated to support anti-cancer measures, contributing to potential health advantages.

Why Kangen?

Transforming Your Life with 5 Essential Water Types

Discover the Kangen Water Magic: 5 pH Varieties to Satisfy Every Need! Hydrate with 8.5, 9.0, 9.5. Optimal 7.0 for Medication & Child Care. Radiate Beauty with pH 6.0. Disinfect at 2.5 pH. Experience Deep Cleansing at 11.5 pH. Elevate Your Water Experience—Customized Just for You!

kangen 11.5 pH
Strong Kangen Water® 11.5 pH

Emulsifier : Eliminates agricultural chemicals from food & enhancing food processing. This multifunctional agent not only removes unwanted residues but also contributes to blending ingredients, improving texture, and stabilizing food mixtures for superior-quality food products.

Kangen Water® 9.5 pH, 9.0 pH, 8.5 pH

Health : Essential for drinking and cooking purposes, offering anti-aging properties and benefits. This vital element not only supports hydration and culinary needs but also possesses anti-aging properties, promoting overall well-being and vitality.

kangen 8.5 to 9.5 pH
kangen benefits
Clean Water 7.0 pH

Neutral Water : Perfect for infants' hydration and medication intake. This balanced pH water offers a gentle solution for babies, ensuring safe hydration. It also provides a compatible option for medication consumption, ensuring a seamless intake for improved health and well-being.

Beauty Water 6.0 pH

Toner : Featuring a pH range between 4.5 to 5.5, provides a versatile solution for skincare, hair care, and plant needs. Acting as a refreshing toner, it balances skin pH and revitalizes hair while proving beneficial for bathing. This multi-benefit product contributes to scalp health, hair rejuvenation, skin radiance, and nurtures plant growth, becoming an essential for overall wellness.

kangen beauty
kangen antivirus
Strong Acidic Water 2.5 pH

Potent Sanitizer : It's potent formula kills viruses and bacteria, ensuring meticulous sterilization for a secure and hygienic environment, assuring safety and cleanliness in every space.

Kangen Water Fans

Discover Their Hydration Secret

Celebrities opt for Kangen Water due to it's perceived health benefits, superior hydration, and potential support for overall wellness, attributed to it's exceptional quality and antioxidant-rich alkaline properties.

Bill Gates drinking kangen
Bill Gates


Obama drinking kangen
Barack Obama


shilpa shetty drinking kangen
Shilpa Shetty


angelina jolie drinking kangen
Angelina Jolie

Hollywood Actress

brad pitt drinking kangen
Brad Pitt

Hollywood Actor

Business Opportunity

Ready to start your next business now?

Imagine being part of a movement that not only promotes health and wellness but also offers a lucrative business opportunity. That's what Kangen Water represents. We're not just talking about water. We're talking about a revolutionary approach to hydration, backed by science and endorsed by health professionals.

Health Experts Speaks

Kangen Water's strength, verified by 75K+ clinical trials, offers evidence-based hydration.

dr hiromi shinya suggested kangen

"Maintaining a balanced pH level is crucial for a healthy digestive system, essential for overall health, and Kangen water aids in achieving this."

Dr. Hiromi Shinya Surgeon & Author , Japan
Dr. Robert G. Wright suggested kangen

"Hydration is vital and most essential in cancer. I have discussed importance of Kangen water's in "Killing Cancer - Not People" book."

Dr. Robert G. Wright Founder of Anti-Cancer Institute, America
horst filtzer suggested kangen

"I 100% endorse Kangen Water as a physician & surgeon. I feel that it's a great benefit to all mankind. I can only recommend it in the highest way."

Dr. Horst Filtzer Vascular Surgeon, Arizona
corinne allen suggested kangen

"In our brain programs we observed that our therapeutic expectations have been significantly exceeded by adding Kangen Water™ to the treatment plan."

Dr. Corinne Allen Researcher in Health & Nutrition , Philippines
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Harness the Cognitive Enhancements of Hydrogen-Enriched Water with Kangen Machines, Available among Our Diverse Product Selection.




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Enagic International holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 13485 certifications for quality and environmental management, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and is a respected member of the Direct Selling Association.

kangen certifications
kangen certifications
kangen certifications
kangen certifications
kangen certifications
kangen certifications

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